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Lady after power-assisted liposuction (PAL) treatment in Munich

Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) in Munich

I work with Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL), an up-to-date and proven method that breaks up fat cells and suctions them out of the body by using a cannula with tiny rapid vibrations.

During the procedure, the fat cells are extracted via ultra-thin cannulae (2-3mm), removing the fatty tissue in different layers and thus allowing for definition of the shape of the body.

By using this gentle method, all obstinate fat deposits  can be suctioned while eliminating irregularities. It is also convenient for the patient, as there is no fluid loss after the surgery.

Removal of therapy-resistant fat deposits

This method is gentle on the tissue and eliminates irregularities without any inconvenient fluid loss after the surgery. When using this method, only a small amount of liquid is injected. Therefore, the surgeon can already work on the desired body shape during the procedure without it being indistinct due to soft-tissue swelling caused by a high amount of injected fluid.
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Thighs after removal of fat deposits at Lipoaesthetic Munich
Beautiful legs after redistribution of therapy-resistant fat deposits in Munich

Lipofilling - Redistribution of therapy-resistant fat deposits

Along with the removal of fat deposits, I also offer lipofilling to redistribute fat as an ideal body shaping method. By using lipofilling, fat can be retrieved from an unwanted body area and introduced into the desired body area (e.g. the buttocks). In the facial area, the introduction of redistributed fat can result in a younger and fresher look. By using liposuction and lipofilling, the dream of perfect body proportions can become a reality. 

Body contouring & perfecting your body's proportions

If the results you desire can't be achieved with sports and a healthy diet, I am the expert to help you. An irregular distribution of fatty tissue and obstinate fatty tissue deposits is inconvenient and can lead to problems when choosing what to wear. My services are your key to a perfectly proportioned body. Simply contact me to learn more!
Beautiful body proportions after treatment at Lipoaesthetic in Munich

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